PIPE DREAM CD Is "Pretty Wonderful"

“Put Leslie Uggams in the role, which is what the canny folks at Encores! did, and guess what? It all now seems to make sense. Fauna's songs — ‘Fauna's Song,’ ‘Sweet Thursday,’ ‘The Happiest House on the Block’ — sound like songs, and Uggams makes Pipe Dream seem possible. She is joined by Will Chase as Doc and Laura Osnes as Suzy. All three perform skillfully and attractively, and are presumably what Dick and Oscar (Hammerstein) had in mind. The whole thing sounds pretty wonderful.” –

“The combined work of Laura Osnes, Tom Wopat, Will Chase, Leslie Uggams, and Stephen Wallem, all in top form, makes this little-known musical sparkle brightly. Among the show's highlights is the sweet, yet somehow melancholy, 'Suzy Is a Good Thing,' in which Fauna attempts to get Suzy to see her own worth -- a tune that Uggams and Osnes deliver with moving finesse.” –

“On the female side, instead of an opera-trained soprano as Fauna, we get the likeably vivacious veteran Leslie Uggams who brings some appropriate earth mother feel and an ebullient personality. Her singing is spirited and energizing, soothing and encouraging when it needs to be. She and Laura Osnes, quite attractive with a just-right plaintive quality as the lost soul Suzy, make a fine contrasting vocal pair in their ‘Suzy Is a Good Thing.’ And, in two versions, these women and Chase all grace the score's real romantic beauty, ‘All at Once You Love Her.’” – Talkin’ Broadway

“I was blown away by this recording. First, it's live. It sounds better than some studio recordings I have heard. Second, the talent is top notch. All of the vocalists are perfection. Uggams is great on her songs, and doesn't let the young stars steal the spotlight. ‘Sweet Thursday’ is a showstopper.” – Upstage Left