Act I

  1. Jerry's Girls
  2. It Takes a Woman / Put On Your Sunday Clothes (from Hello, Dolly!)
  3. It Only Takes a Moment (from Hello, Dolly!)
  4. Wherever He Ain't (from Mack & Mabel)
  5. We Need a Little Christmas (from Mame)
  6. I Won't Send Roses (from Mack & Mabel)
  7. Tap Your Troubles Away (from Mack & Mabel)
  8. Two-a-Day (from Parade, A Musical Revue)
  9. Bosom Buddies (from Mame)
  10. The Man in the Moon (from Mame)
  11. So Long Dearie (from Hello, Dolly!)
  12. Take It All Off
  13. Two-a-Day (reprise)
  14. Shalom (from Milk and Honey)
  15. Milk and Honey (from Milk and Honey)
  16. Show Tune (from Parade, A Musical Revue)
  17. If He Walked Into My Life (from Mame)
  18. Hello Dolly! (from Hello, Dolly!)

Act II

  1. Entr'acte
  2. Just Go to the Movies (from A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine)
  3. Movies Were Movies (from Mack & Mabel)
  4. Look What Happened to Mabel (from Mack & Mabel)
  5. Nelson (from A Day in Hollywood / A Night in the Ukraine)
  6. Just Go to the Movies (reprise)
  7. Time Heals Everything (from Mack & Mabel)
  8. It's Today (from Mame)
  9. Mame ( from Mame)
  10. Kiss Her Now (from Dear World)
  11. That's How Young I Feel (from Mame)
  12. Open A New Window (from Mame)
  13. Gooch's Song (from Mame)
  14. Before the Parade Passes By (from Hello, Dolly!)
  15. I Don't Want To Know (from Dear World)
  16. Song On the Sand (from La Cage aux Folles)
  17. I Am What I Am (from La Cage aux Folles)
  18. The Best of Times (from La Cage aux Folles)
  19. Jerry's Turn (Jerry Herman and his Girls)
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Jerry's Girls
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