1. If My Friends Could See Me Now (Fields/Coleman)
  2. We Can Work It Out (Lennon/McCartney)
  3. Inka Dinka Doo (Durante/Ryan)
  4. A Lover's Concerto (Linzer/Randell)
  5. Don't Take Your Love From Me (Nemo)
  6. Call Me (Hatch)
  7. I Want You to Be My Baby (Hendricks)
  8. A Time To Love A Time To Cry (Grant/Baum/Kaye & Bechet)
  9. Make The World Go Away (Cochran
  10. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (Dozier/Holland)
  11. I Hear A Symphony (Dozier/Holland)
  12. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Arlen/Koehler)
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A Time To Love
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